Saturday, August 30, 2008


Today I am feeling extremely sorry for myself. Looking at the bruses does not help. Plus I have had the most irritating thing, they only bandaged one ear so the other one is getting quite cold. (Cape Town is having bad storms)

I decided to not move out of bed and just complain. By lunch time I realised this is not going to help me recover and I should at least go for a walk. It actually helps.
I am relieved that my side effects are far less than they could have been.

When I came out my vision was really bad. I couldn't focus. I only struggle now with the amount of light and eye strain. I battle to watch TV or laptop for more than an hour.
For the first 2 days I had these weird flash backs of things that I had seen out the side of my right eye. Nothing scary, just like walking past a pool or seeing a dog. Thats gone now. Maybe it was remapping my memory.

Pain is like a wong wong feeling (think star wars). BUT now they have now taken me off the real drugs because I had an allergic reaction. So now I am on Paracetamol. WOW. Last night I was in real pain that felt like a big throb.
Sleep is impossible. I have got 4 hours in one shot at best. Sometimes I have really bad dreams which wake me up feeling confused and as if I have fallen or been hit.
Short term memory is a little bad
Grammar and spelling is difficult and does take me a while to read over and check... Especially when I am tired. This is what I am giving the most focus.

BUT these are all things can be fixed and I feel I got away lightly... So I can handle it!!

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