Thursday, August 28, 2008

How hot am I

Being here is not very fashionably. My body is looking a bit different!!
Hair gone, (although they gave it back in a packet)
A sporty scar
The opening of the scull has left big bruises on my side and one eye
I have a strong suspicion that I am going to need to work on my butt muscles
I have needle bruises from both hands around my neck and back again. The needle in the neck is very disturbing.
My fashion sense is non existent.
Globs of brown sticky bandage

Plus people ask you very undignified questions. (do I really have to answer that?)

Ok having your brain chiselled into is not really a highlight. Supposedly there is less physical pain cos your brain doesn’t have pain nerves.. MMHH
The worst part for me was the vomiting, really I can’t stomach that…

Believe me or not, I am actually not worried about that… I want to get better and feel like a adult human again. I completely sympathise with babies.

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