Sunday, August 31, 2008


Well I have been discharged! I am so happy about getting out of there. I was a bit nervous to leave, as I felt some sense of security being in the ward.

The hardest part for me, was when the doc came in and took off the bandages. To see the scar and no hair. I REALLY hate looking at it.

James & I are staying in a small townhouse flat literally next to the hospital. Its great, got everything we need and is quiet. So all I need to do now is eat, sleep and get stronger (back to being a baby) Hopefully my hair will grow at some miracle pace!! James can at least have some break too... He is looking quite tired and stressed. We are going to try and see how many DVD's we can watch!!

We are going in for the consultations, reports and checks on Thursday and Friday. Our plan is to get back home to PE on Sunday. We haven't worked out any logistics yet.
Its through the Grace of God, power of pray, love and support that things have turned out so well. I pray and trust that I can leave here with peace of mind knowing that it is over and I am better. This wasn't exactly in my life plan!!

So the only thing to keep me busy now is to make a log of my eating and sleeping!!

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