Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I really didn't have a good start this morning. My headache was quite bad but as usual it gets better as the day progresses. By the evening I am back to my normal self …
All the docs have been to see me in preparation for the surgery. Most of the results of the tests over the past 3 days have shown that the problem area is definitely around my speech and memory. The good thing is that all other brain activity is working 100%. The Neuro phycologist said that my frontal lobe activity is actually very strong and seems to be compensating for the lack in my temporal lobe. The advantage with it all being in one spot is that I don’t have to worry about operating in any other area of the brain. (as advantages as it can be) So they will be putting a 64 points (8x8) in the area and monitor mostly my speech and language. I have had such good reports on Dr Butler (Neurologist) and Dr Melville (Neurosurgeon) they are considered the second in the world. There are a lot of foreign patients.
So it is time now to tackle this tumour and get on with my life!! Good night and I will get James to do some pic’s and video’s of the surgery and after. I will get my mom / James to put up a note after surgery on the status…
Luvies d:)

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