Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Quick Catch

I have missed getting onto the net and catching up on all the news. (computer addiction). I will be giving you all the quirky stories and strange side-effects (and they are quirky) on what happens when someone digs in your brain. I am pacing myself!! The first op went badly and I deteriorated. I was getting sicker and sicker. I don’t remember Saturday at all or being rushed for the emergency 2nd operation. Needless to say, I was really scared for the 3rd op!!
But, all I remember from coming out of the last op, was that they were shouting “Mrs Kohler, Mrs Kohler” and tapping me. I was so irritated because I hate being tapped and I was having a nice nap!! But amazingly my speech was not affected. Sorry for James I still talk a lot!! Before the op I couldn’t tell you what a nose or fingers were.

Today I am feeling very weak and cold. I have never been a fast walker but this is going to another level!! (serious need excercise) I have to lie in bed. Sleep is difficult. In High Care they check on you every 30min – 1hr

I will be in hospital for a while. At the moment we are waiting for the blood tests to analyse the tumour. I asked if I could have a piece of the tumour (curious me)and the doc just laughted because he said it has been sucked down a microscopic tube. Also waiting for the MRI to see how much of my brain is left.

Ignore my previous weird blog cos I can see it is weird. Writing helps with recovery! (back to grade 1)
Luv to all dJ
PS Thanks for your comments, calls and SMS’s. Its great to have my mom as a hotline.

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