Monday, September 8, 2008

Crouching Tiger - Hidden Dragon

This weekend an armed robbery occurred at Wetherly’s. One of my family members, Bron McMahon, was conducting a normal female activity - shopping!

Bron was innocently wondering around the shopping centre upstairs. She got two steps down the stairs and noticed a scared look on the managers face while he dived over the counter! Seeing this, Bron crawled across the floor (hence called "Crouching Tiger") till she found the nearest bed! She hid under the bed ("Hidden Dragon") Now Bron does NOT got to gym, but managed to move and spin at the speed of Bruce Lee.

There were 5 robbers, Bron only saw 3 (which is enough in my mind) The rest of the shoppers were robbed of everything - jewellery, handbags, cell phones, money and credit cards. While the shop was robbed of all cash. This is Johannesburg for you. How lovely. What concerns me is that we can't even shop anymore - that is a direct hit on women, how are we going to do retail therapy?

Jokes aside, this is serious. It is unacceptable that we live like this. Bron, however, is just grateful that she was safe, she has looked on the bright side and has even made most of the jokes I have written down (including the name) I think it is time we are a little more careful. Bron wants everyone to know she is fine.

Now, as an expert in marshal arts, she is opening "Duck Dive & Slide" lessons to all keep shoppers!!

Well done Bron!!

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