Thursday, September 4, 2008

James says I am in so much trouble for the Bozalina blog!!
Today went well and it has been such a relief. We took a walk to the hospital and I went to have my stiches out. Everything seems fine and he is happy with my progress. My swelling is also coming down well. Last night I resorted to taking a sleeping tablet. My head was feeling quite full and irritated. I managed to sleep for about 6 hrs.
The doc said that I shouldn't worry about it, I need to get into my body rhythm again. He told James & I to go out to Nordhoek, take a walk and go to a little casual restaurant for lunch. SO we did!! I had to build up the courage but I did it. It felt good to get out (even if I feel like a bit of a freak) Luckily not too many people got to see me. The brused eye is the biggest problem.
I was feeling pretty washed out and had an hour nap this afternoon.
I was reading through all the previous blogs. Oh my word ... have I really put up all those nasty pictures of myself?? I must have had something wrong with my brain. Now everyone has seen me in the worst view ever!!! Delete delete... It was pretty interesting reading it myself to see what the last 3 weeks has been like from an outsiders point of view. With me feeling so good it is almost like "what was the fuss all about"
Bozi and I are going to watch a DVD now... Sham my poor Smookel Berry (Oh I am in real trouble)

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