Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mini Brain

You won't believe it, or maybe you will... I am starting to realise that "normal", is definitely NOT a good description of me.
The doc called today and said that the lab has no idea what the tumour is!! So they are sending it to JHB to some top professor to try figure it out!! Firstly I had to laugh at this... really. BUT good news is that he says they are pretty sure that it is NOT malignant. We are trusting this because it doesn't seem to meet the cell structure required to be that.
So doing more analysis, like I do, I have come to a few conclusions:
The person working in the lab didn't do that well during the brain tumour lesson
They haven't done it and are waiting for time
They have taken out the sleep area of my brain and don't want to tell me
My body decided to create 2 brains just in case, except that Mini Me brain is tapping Big Me brain and irritating it. (maybe this is why it is my pet hate??)
No I haven't slept yet! Um seriously. Maybe total of 3 hours in 24? Although I REALLY don't look good, I am feeling good and almost my normal (or not normal) self. I am amazed
We are seeing doc tomorrow for a check up and have the stiches removed. I asked him again how much he thinks he removed. He says he removed as much as he could see, but explained to me that the brain moves all the time while they are operating. He can't give me a percentage but felt it was alot. He has to delicately keep following the tumour without touching normal cells. WOW I really have admiration for this guy. His hands are perfectly steady and he can remain still for the entire operation. (6 hrs)
The MRI scan will only be done in about 6 weeks. The doctor says that my brain needs to settle down into place. Then we should have an idea of how much was taken out / left. We should have the lab results at the same time...
I still don't know what this whole tumour is going to mean for me in the future. We won't be counting our chickens before they hatch. I am happy (except for hair) that I have done it. I feel that the weight has literally been lifted. I can improve my life for the time being. It has made us realise the important things in our life. What a bizarre way to have to find them out!

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