Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Achieve your goals by 20

I was so inspired last night. I went to Anastasia's end of year function. They kids did various speeches. They were funny and motivational. They are so eager to take on the world and life. But the real inspiration for me was to meet a Para-Olympic. He is a young man (about 17 I think) He won a gold at the Olympics. I can't even attempt to swim as fast a he can and I still have all my limbs. (ok beating me in swimming is a given)

I realised listening to him, we all do have inner strength to achieve. We need to "tap" into it. I struggle sometimes when I think of the "stats" and "prognosis" of my tumour. Prayer and the energy and strength that is given by God makes it easier.
Oh, alot of the kids wanted to BE RICH, they would also meet most of their goals by 20. You go then...

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