Thursday, October 16, 2008

The mask

OK - Don't hold me to it... I got the scans on CD from the radiologist. I haven't been to see the doctor so that he can explain it (curious George you know). It is been sent to the "panel" of docs in Cape Town again for them to decide on the best treatment (dose etc) as when as the location of the radiation beams. They said that there will still be swelling which may make the scans seem worse than what it is. I have put brief explanations next to scans (Like I said I am guessing)

I had a mask built, MRI and CT scans. The mask is very strange. They put this plastic type thing over your head while you are flat on your back. It is quite hot and flexible. It then covers up your face but they leave a gap over your nose (I haven't been able to hold my breath for 10 minutes yet!) Your eyes are closed and as it dries it hardens. They then "unclip" it. James says I could pass for Hannibal!

The MRI & CT scan is simple. They take about 10min and 5 min respectively. I had the mask on for both. The MRI is VERY loud and makes a lot of different types of noises. (Banging, beeping, etc) The CT seems to have alot of lazer & heat. It is FREEZING in there. I was blue (plus I didn't shave my legs so my hair was standing up about a meter high!!)

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