Friday, October 24, 2008

More information

So it seems like I spoke too soon on my last blog! Dr Dupper called yesterday, he said that the last scan was a planning scan and not a diagnostic scan. This in English means that I am not going to get all the information I was hoping for... What we did discuss, is that I am starting radiation and chemo next week

Some information
The big block "hole" in the last scan picture is the part where they took out tumour
The remaining lighter white border area is tumour (he thinks low grade)
They are going to radiate the original area (before op) as well as an extended border
These tumours run like tentacles through your nervous system (once again layman version)
Therefore you can never remove all of them because they run too deep into the brain.
Chemo will be half dose for 6 weeks and full dose after that for 6 months

The doctors all agree that this type of tumour needs the most aggressive treatment
So not very good news. Maybe this is making my right brain more creative? Next I am going to be writing music... Don't worry I am not planning to cut off my ear! (Only part of my brain)

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