Friday, October 3, 2008


Ok been to see the Oncologist. It is very strange to walk into a chemo ward. Not scary, just surreal. Well after one hour of paperwork and another hour of consultation, we seemed to understand a bit better.

I have to do chemo and radiation. The two seem to compliment each other and increase the chances of success. You can only do radiation once in your lifetime, so there is also the question of when is the right time. If the tumour gets more aggressive, you won't be able to do that in the future.

What was disturbing is that the tumour might be an oglioastrocyoma. Astrocytoma's are more aggressive. They have also graded it as a Grade 2 - 3, Grade 4 is the highest and very dangerous.

James is now wanting to tackle this "head on" (so to speak!) He is not happy with the news. Surprisingly, I am coping alright, I am not happy, but I realise that we need to do what must be done and stressing is not going to help. They keep offering me counsellors if I need one.

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