Monday, October 27, 2008

Ramp model

Before I went into surgery, I have to admit that I did consider a little "nip tuck" You know 3 kids don't exactly do much for the stomach or boobs! Now there is NO way I will do it. Besides the fact that I never want to go under the knife again, it seems so futile. After I came out of surgery I was really happy to be "in tacked" It is such an accomplishment to have got through. I realised it is the same with our bodies. They are all battle scars and we should be proud of them.

It is hard to handle as our society is very materialistic. We also battle with our inner self to live up to these standards. I have to admit I have always wanted to be a ramp model. I try to ignore the current state of my body, that I am shy and the fact that I am about 2 metres too short - I can do it!

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