Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Treatment plan (again)

Went to see the doc and he showed me the treatment plan for next week. Probably starting on Tuesday / Thursday. It is amazing, he showed us the comparison before and after surgery. I can't believe how big it was. The amount of brain that was being squashed was unthinkable. So I wasn't pretending! He said that it looks like the high grade has been removed par for a very small amount around the edge. Whats left is all low grade. Shew!

Chatting about side effects is always "fun". Oh yay can I go through that please...
Then as we were leaving, he tells us about this new machine, they are getting next year, which will probably be better for radiation... Now because it is low grade, I could wait for it or try stop grown and go for it now. Remember that you can only do radiation once in your life! ANYWAY, we going to chat to him about this as an option...

Ignoring that little fact, I will probably start next week. I just love the way everything has been so clear! I am sure that you must think I am making all of this up for "entertainment" value!

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