Friday, September 5, 2008

Back to coffee

We went to see Dr Butler today to have a general chat. He is happy with the progress. He said that the tumour would have eventually done to me what the 1st operation did and sooner than later. Wow that was scary. There are still tumour cells left around the speech area which is a concern. They seemed to have found the "spikes" in my brain around the tumour that was causing the seizures. They managed to take them out so hopefully that means the seizures will stop. At the end of the year, they are going to re-look me going off medication and my ability to drive.

For now I am feeling good, the op went well and we can make more plans for the future. I have a few months to recover and when we get all the other reports we can decide what needs to be done. We went out for coffee today! I am getting better. Still feel a bit awkward about the bruises and the beanie.

OH I finally slept last night. It feels ridiculous to have this as such a concern. I felt like my head was really thick and lay down and passed out. YAY

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