Thursday, August 28, 2008

Boys will be boys

The one highlight I get when High Care is to be bed bathed (lucky I have passed that)… I feel so mature. Now if they used products that are a less bright pink and jik like, they would be half way there. I suppose I could imagine that the hundreds of needles are actually an acupuncture treatment (this would be stretching my brain – you know the head jokes are going to happen)
Well I cried with laughter because a guy - Jason (also 32 who for brain operation who come in after me op) had a male nurse washing him. It caught him by surprised! Well when the nurse told him he would be shaving him too, he started to get really worried and his voice changed 2 octaves. I couldn't keep quiet and I suggested that he do a Brazilian to make a fresh start. The male nurse, playing around, said that he could do it. I mentioned that he would be able to run faster during recovery. Well we all started laughing really loudly. Then another nurse said we shouldn’t be making a noise in the ward, but that rule only applies to other patients to protect the brain surgery patients!!
When I say boys will be boys, it applies in all circumstances. The Jason is very protective of his family jewels. He had just had brain surgery ( I would rate this in the top 3 hectic operations) and he wanted the catheter out in case it damages those assets!! How he was planing to rush to the loo was a mystery to all of us. Even James got a little quezy when they spoke about it and inched lower. All I can say is that goodness men don’t have to go through childbirth…

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