Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Conventional Radiation?

I may have to face the fact that I might go for conventional radiation. The doctors in Egypt say that my tumour is too diffuse. I haven't heard from the USA yet, but my hopes are dashing a bit. I am really not looking forward to chemo and radiation so I am just clinging onto a trickle of hope that I don't have to. I understand that life is more important etc. I suppose it is like deciding to bungy jump - Um No

Feeling 'sick' is a really terrible feeling. I don't mean physically, like I said my symptoms are so mild. It's the emotions and self confidence that gets knocked.

My Grandfather always says that "getting old is not for sissies!" How true is that? Ok I know I don't have the whole wrinkle, sore hips & grey hair thing (well nothing I'd point out) But like I mentioned before, you realise that you have to get tougher as you get older! How ironic is that?

Talking about grey hair, I have spotted a couple. HORROR! So much for not dying my hair. Whatever. Women "never" go grey. Thank you L'Oreal! - No this is not advertising, I just couldn't think of another name. Obviously all those TV stars swinging their hair around saying "I love my hair" nonsense pays off!

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