Monday, November 17, 2008

End of the year panic!

I must be honest, I have spent the last few nights pretending to sleep. Besides the usual - I have a baby lack of sleep - I have been quite anxious about all the stuff going on. Between medical, kids exams & end of year functions, holiday, trying to finish work etc etc, I am trying to do another painting to put into the King Georges Gallery. A holiday is definitely in order - and that costs alot of money, another worry. But I need the break and I am looking forward to it.

I need to drop a few things. I will be so happy to bring in a new year and hopefully leave a few things from this year behind!

I was wondering, wont I be looked on disapprovingly with really short hair in an Arab state? Anyhow, I will just show my elbows too, wear pants and walk in front of James! Ooh I am really "bad". No offence to those who are Muslim, I just don't agree with the whole black outfit. I quite enjoy being a liberated woman. No I am not going to burn my bra, after 3 kids, that is a really bad idea!

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