Saturday, November 8, 2008

Finally up again!

Don't ask me to tell you why Life Logger has crashed, I have NO idea. Maybe it is so that I have work to do? I have so missed having a blog!

This week I have investigated going to Egypt and Dubai. We are going on 18th November(assuming all the visa's etc are done in time) I went and had an MRI scan to see if the tumour has grown. It hasn't so I am not too worried about postponing treatment.

I have been investigating Gamma Knife treatment as a serious option. I am sending the latest scans (taken on Thursday) to USA and Egypt. I have phoned my medical aid to see if they will cover it. I need to get a reply because it is a very expensive option.

The only concerns that I have are that if the tumour is larger than 3,5cm, I won't be able to have the treatment. Also is Egypt an option (reputation etc) so that I can do it all at once. If I can't have it done, I will have to come home to have radiation and chemo --- No! That is NOT something I want to do.

I have planned this trip so that I won't miss kids end of year functions. Now I was told that Leo (my baby) end of year function is on the day we fly back. I nearly cancelled the trip. I think we should try do a standby. Unless of course I decide to have the operation in Egypt then we will have to delay our return date.

Catch up with you all soon! I have missed you!!

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