Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Trip postponed

Well, I am quite happy to postpone. I was so worried that we wouldn't make it in time that I just decided to rather be safe than sorry. I was having sleepless nights worrying. I have been in touch with my Oncologist, Medical Aid, Gamma Knife International and even phoned Egypt today to find out more. Plus I won't miss Leo's concert!

It is quite strange speaking strained English with a delay. I am going to try my best to get to have gamma knife surgery. If I can have the Gamma Knife, I am trying to get my medical aid to pay for it (Another big job!) So far they have been quite good. I reason that if they were going to pay me here, they might as well use the money there for a more effective treatment.

We are booked to leave (all signed and confirmed) on the 8th Dec and return on the 22nd. I have allocated an extra 3 days stay in Cairo to go to the clinic and hopefully have the surgery. If not, we are going to have a few extra days holiday... keep holding thumbs

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