Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I have been having a mild bit of vertigo lately and it has worried me so much. I wondered if the tumour had dropped to my ear or something!!

Well anyway, I am also following a blog of a guy (Mark) with the same type of brain tumour as I have (http://www.markmillermusic.org/blog/) He is about 2 years ahead in treatment but has a much smaller tumour. He was writing that he started having bad vertigo and was worried that his brain was on the move again! (Same worry)

But as it turns out, it is caused by toxic levels of the anti-seizure medication (epitec) I am going to have to see my doc. I am supposed to have my toxicity checked regularly- another thing I didn't know!!

Well last night, I was very grumpy and then burst into tears. I am so tired of going through this. I went into the basement and spent time painting. I can't tell you how much it helps! Must be why my paintings look aggressive!!

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Diana's no princess said...

Hope its sunny and warm at least. I agree birthdays make me reflective. Nic is turning 40 but I am not going to tell him that its out there now! We will be in the E cape between Christmas and New year, so hopefully we can have some more great take out/ eat out together! Lots of love and happy happy, sparing you the singing!

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