Monday, November 24, 2008

Well back to the old way

Well it seems that Gamma is not going to work for me. My tumour is too large and diffuse. Not that I know the size from the last scan, but I assume it is about 4cm? We are so disappointed. I am really not keen on radiation. James isn't either. But it seems like it is unavoidable. I will be starting on the 29th Dec.

Boo Hoo

Well I turn 33 tomorrow... I feel young and old (if that makes any sense) I am not going to do anything, going to Egypt is good enough! I have had more than enough attention this year!

Happy Birthday Bar!

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Lynn Page said...

A very Happy Birthday, Dee! You were so keen to reach your thirties so that you would have the right to have an opinion! Now you feeling... old! Long way off.
Have a super day. It's great that Egypt is becoming a reality... you have thought about it for twenty years!
Lots of love

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