Tuesday, December 9, 2008


We have arrived in our hotel. Let me tell you that the airport at Egypt can't be compared to that of Dubai. It looks like it was built in the 60's and NOTHING has been done since then. They seem to be building a new one, so they are forgiven.

There were only 3 families that had trouble with their luggage. (well our trouble is that we don't have any! It is wondering in the air somewhere) And guess what – 2 are from South Africa. Good ol' Johannesburg! We have underwear and another top, with a few toiletries but not much else. Well you know, we like to travel light!

I do feel odd with such short hair. Its easy to travel will though. Everyone speaks to James and not me. I find this amusing because he has no idea what is going on!! He didn't make or look at any arrangements – he is just here. So in the end they have to speak to me... We saw a blond woman at the airport in a really mini skirt and high heals. It seemed really disrespectful.

The roads are crazy. It is a free for all. We were told that we are very lucky because it is time when everyone is on holiday and really quiet. Well thank goodness for that because it is mayhem out there. My head really wasn't happy being bounced around. Lately I can touch a part of my head and it feels like it is pulling the whole scar. Something like pulling on a thread. Plus with the bouncing I start to get head clicking again. It drives me nuts.

So while driving in a blazing fury with my head clicking in regular annoying intervals, we saw the pyramids! We don't know what to say about it, it is just strange to look at them. Our hotel is quite close to the pyramids and took us 45min to reach from the airport. Our tour starts at 8pm sharp for us to see them– no rest for the wicked!

PS Could someone courier me some shoes? Lets hope the insurance pays HUGH so that I can get some designer clothes in Dubai!! You never know it might arrive!!

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Lynn Page said...

Thrilled about your earlier flights.. is it the sheer favour you walk in or less travellers?! Any chance of going barefoot in the sand? Jokes
Hoping luggage has arrived.

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