Monday, December 1, 2008

The Bug

This weekend, my entire family got a bug and subsequently spent their days vomiting. I asked Adam this am how he is feeling and he said he just had a little bit of cholera! (He meant diarrhea) I on the other had am fine?? How does that happen? I think it has to do with all the berries I have been eating.

Poor James has become the in house medic. He is looking a bit tired... I think the holiday is going to be much appreciated.

Now they say that it is almost certain you will catch a bug in Egypt. Hopefully I will maintain a stomach of steel.

PS... I am touching wood with one hand, the whole time I am writing.

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Lynn Page said...

Hi there bug was also in Klerksdorp! Has no problem travelling. Bron out at bookclub. Having 2008 party for Jordie tomorrow! There's a topic- how Dec / Jan babies lose out on parties.
Hope your guys are feeling better.

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