Monday, December 22, 2008

Burj Al Arab (Tee met Koekies)

This has been the highlight in Dubai. Don't even ask how much it cost to have High Tea on the Sky Lounge on the 27th floor. The food is great and we had our fill of sandwiches and cakes. James tried one of the large selection of teas - Gun Powder tea. (This is no joke) This made him feel manly and connected with the tea. I settled for something a little more feminine "Lotus Blossom" A glass of Moet to go with the tea and cakes and the most awesome views.

The building is very impressive. Interior and exterior are entirely opposite. The outside is very modern and high tech and the interior is full of every colour and looks almost baroque (in English this means too much stuff) You can see the islands they are building in "the World" and "the Palm"

It is really amazing how Dubai has grown from just about nothing 15 years ago. I wouldn't live there though. Like I said, it feels too commercial and doesn't really have history. I was expecting a lot more Arab influence, but it is very cosmopolitan.

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