Thursday, December 11, 2008


I cannot tell you enough how crazy the traffic is here. We just came back from the biggest shopping centre. We decided to avoid the markets. James & I didn't need to buy anything and really didn't want to be haggled. Serious, its on every street corner. PLUS I needed to go to a coffee shop - some words are international and in any language - coffee being one of them (most alcoholic drinks too!!)

So back to the driving. We took a taxi back, this guy started by charging $10 and ended up charging us $20 because he "didn't realise it was that far". PLUS he couldn't speak English so he "explained" this increase by means of shouting and waving his arms. When we arrived at our hotel, we were just so grateful to be alive, we didn't bother to argue. James says he couldn't care about the money.

He went in and out of traffic like there was no tomorrow. He played his Arabic music seriously loudly, smoked and screamed at the other drivers whilst holding his hands almost constantly on the hooter! With the final day of Eid, there are alot of people going to Mosque and on the streets. He was nearly trowing a few of them off his bonnet. His car is old (like from the 70's) and black and white. The trip took an hour! I can honestly say I have fully experienced being in Cairo. All good fun!!

One thing I still can't cope with is the women wearing all black. Some of them where black shoes, socks, gloves, veil - you can't see any skin. The men walk in front of them wearing designer labels. BUT most women seem fairly liberated and just wear a shawl and dress conservatively.

We leave the airport at 5am tomorrow. The travel agent phones and says that he will give us a wake up call at 3:30am - WHATEVER - I 'negotiated' for him to call at 4am - we are so excited to be up before our eyes can open.

He said he will give us a 'breakfast basket' We don't know if we want it. The food is cooked so badly we are living off bread. It makes me realise how good it is in South Africa. Our tourism is much better.

I am excited to be heading off to the Nile boat. We are taking a flight to Aswan and then going to cruise down the Nile to Luxor. What a fun time so far....


Anonymous said...

4am. Just keeps getting better and better.

Anonymous said...

So hope you are enjoying your cruise. As long as you dont get 'sea sick' it's great. Enjoy

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