Sunday, December 21, 2008

Departure from Cairo

This is what the train looked like!! Cool hey...

The departure gates at Cairo International Airport are much better than the arrivals. Which unfortunately is not saying much. There are no boards or announcements telling you when your flight is ready for departure. There is a food court in the centre. We were wondering why this guy kept walking around shouting. We soon realised that he was making the boarding announcements!

Dubai feels almost oppressive. The airports are quiet, probably because they are well designed. But also with the economic meltdown, they say tourism has dropped by about 60% We wonder who all is going to stay in the buildings they are making. There are 1,5 million people living here of which only 300K are locals the rest are all foreigners.
Jokes, that was the train next to us ... ours was just a little bit better

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