Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Don't laugh

I read on an website that this guy prefers telling people he has a "Brain Tumour" rather than "Brain Cancer" I so agree. It just sounds milder. At least mine is low grade. Still dangerous but I have more time for treatment than most.

I have this terrible dilemma. When I get nervous I laugh. So when I walked into the chemo room, I really had to control myself from laughing or even smiling excessively. (Don't want to cheese anyone off) It is something that has got me into trouble many a time!! I managed by looking around at the reading material which I have read 1000 times already.

The people in the chemo room (having IV treatment) seemed to be in good spirits. They had their books, friends and snacks. It is quite surreal. It almost appears normal. Like you are at a pub, just have IV drip instead of beer. (Probably has the same effect) There are some people I know that would rather be able to drip the beer into themselves.

We all know that they have life threatening diseases. I am just so glad that I don't have to have a drip. Needles and I are not friends. Taking a pill seems quite insignificant. A glass of Champagne would go down better.

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