Thursday, December 4, 2008

Don't speak too soon

I definitely spoke too soon. Yesterday the "bug" hit me. So now the whole family has had it. It lasted about 12 hours and now I feel alright. I said to James that I really hope this is not what chemo is going to do to me. Plus we are off to Egypt and the bug is there too.

My stomach muscles had a real work out yesterday. At least they will be firming up a bit!! Great ad for "Ab master pro"

I have to go to the GP to get antibiotic to take to Egypt. I hate going there... the queues are always long and the doctor is NEVER on time. So I decided I am just going to haul all the kids at the same time. This way I can check that they are clear before we go. I know he is just going to give us 5 minutes and a heap of medication... You may notice that I really don't like him. He did mis-diagnose me for almost 3 years! I remember the final straw for me was being told I was just stressed. I tried to change GPs then but my medical aid was sticky. At least I can now.

I went to another GP when mine was on leave. (much prefer him but now he is on leave) He became super interested in giving me time when he heard I had a brain tumour. Probably because he is "sick" of people having a cold! He could finally do some "brain" activity. I don't blame him...

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