Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dubai Transit

We managed to get earlier flights – standby helps! This saved us 8hrs of sitting in airports and time to catch up with some much needed sleep. It is quite eerie at the airport. It is so quiet and large that it feels empty. I think that we are just used to the chaos at the SA airport. Plus people speak really loudly in SA. James says the airport building reminds him of a Gothic cathedral, just made in modern materials. I have to agree with him, but then again he is an architect. The place is brand new and everything is still sparkling.

We are really surprised at the amount of Asians working here. It seems as though the work force make up about 80% It is definitely very cosmopolitan. We were amused by the amount of people wearing surgical masks. They seemed to be doing this to stop viruses! We felt like we were in a series of ER. If they really want to stop bacteria, they should use gloves instead. Not that I think it is truly necessary.

The temp is 19° C 5am in the morning and in winter ... not cold in my opinion. The aircon makes up for it though – it is freezing. I think that is because the winter fashions are in and they have to make you feel cold!

I need to sleep as all of us do. The only reason I make such a big issue of it, is that when I get too tired, I have a higher chance of having a seizure. It is hard not to let that be at the back of the mind!

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