Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Eating for life

Chemo has been fine. I think it is too early to tell just yet. I get this strange cold feeling running through my veins. It seems to last about an hour and then go away again. There is a little bit of nausea, but I take the anti-nausea and that seems to work. I take a regular afternoon nap so tired ness seems manageable.

I have been eating up a storm. Our fridge has never had so many health foods or been so full. I keep looking for chips and chocolate. Has anyone every got fat while on chemo? I think I might be the first one in history.

My blood counts is very good. I am so impressed. Obviously my body is not as week as I thought!! Must be the health food and the tons of vitamins I am consuming... Can't someone invent a super health food that is in a chocolate. I prefer Cote D'Or (dark with nuts)

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