Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I am attempting to eat more and healthily in preparation to start chemo and radiation in 26 days! It is seriously hard, I love chocolate and tea. (not together) I am an addict. Why does healthy food taste so bad? Those veggie smoothies are not for me. (Especially when they are green) Some people say they loose weight during chemo from healthy eating! Some have told me that their taste buds change completely. It is like the body tells you what it needs to heal.

Since my operation, my skin has been incredibly dry. I think it is weeks of using antiseptic on my skin and scalp. I am taking some vitamins to try to get my oils up.

I met a woman, this weekend, who has had a breast removed due to cancer. She has a very positive attitude and advised me to eat as much good food as possible. She went through full treatment, operation & radiation. After a year of treatment she is now cancer free.

How is this... her mom has a low grade brain tumour! She has had it for 15 years. She is 65 now. It is really nice to hear some positive news of brain tumour survivors. It is scary that people die from it. It truly amazes me, that when you are open about your condition, how many people tell you what they are going through. Perhaps it is about getting older that it becomes a reality of life.

I believe in being completely honest. It is too much of a burden to hide. People know anyway. Sometimes this does mean that you are shunned. Generally they are scared or they think, in some bizarre way, they will get it. I was always afraid that people would think less of me. I didn't want to talk about it for 2 years.

So what did I do? Publish it on the internet... Mmm it must have affected my mind.

I am working on mentally preparing for chemo and radiation and loosing my hair (again). At least it won't be all of it. I am not sure what I am going to do with the Goth patch look? Any ideas?


Wiana said...

Hey, I could lend you my appetite? I feel like I am married to Jack Sprat in the nursery rhyme, he can eat no fat - well that is this week. I am baking some of the gifts and its really hard to only eat one! Are you allowed to eat cheese?

Deirdre Kohler said...

I am sure I am not supposed to eat cheese, lactose intolerance and all. But hey, I do slip some in every now and then. What is toast without cheese??

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