Saturday, December 13, 2008

Going to the Nile

Well we left Cairo at 5am to go to the airport and take a plane to Aswan. At the airport there is only one terminal. We all just pile in and sit anywhere, floor, table, chairs & steps. It doesn't matter what flight you are on! Someone shows out the flight number and everyone pushes to the front.

You won't believe this, the airport buses hoot each other out the way on the airport runway! We saw a plane land really close to us while we were waiting to take off, James was wondering if planes hoot at each other? I do find that when I fly followed by bumpy roads, my brain feels “bruised'

Aswan is beautiful, it is like the Egypt that you read about. Lots of people in cotton clothing, great weather and of course the Nile river. We whipped around the city, dam, Isis temple, Nubian village, onto the boat.

James & I feel like we are on “tourist boot camp” Up early, running around, bargaining, climbing etc etc They said that we could leave on a tour at 3.30am tomorrow – Umm “NO” This is taking “holiday” to a different level. Sorry to say this, but we now understand where the word “gypo'd” comes from. We feel like our money has been sucked out of us at every corner. “Bargaining” is tiring and the traders will not let up. If you stop or look at them, you will have them follow you till you break down and buy something to get rid of them. We eventually paid 40LE (Egyptian pounds) after being told it costs 150LE. It all part of the experience...

Now our boat really is 5 star. We have a beautiful room, flat screen TV, 5 course meals & entertainment. Now this is what I am talking about!! I could get used to this! We set sail tomorrow...

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