Tuesday, December 16, 2008

In Africa

We have been chatting to our tour guides & coordinators about South Africa. There is alot of crime in SA and we were asked why do we stay there? A hard question to answer. What we did tell him, is that it is very beautiful and our living is good.

Our food is better and well made.Their food is about 2- 3 times more expensive compared to SA. Our accommodation is much better. I think that service, though, is better in Egypt. I cannot find another place that I would prefer to live.

One guide asked us if SA was full of cannibals! They assume we live in rural villages with people running around with pangas eating each other!! Another guide didn't know why a black woman was talking in clicks. He thought she was mentally unstable... he didn't know that was her language and walked far away from her!! We had a good laugh..

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