Monday, December 8, 2008

On the way

Well we are sitting at the airport in PE, on our way to Johannesburg. It is going to be a really long trip. We arrive in JHB at 2pm and then wait till 10:30 pm to depart to Dubai. We then wait for our connecting flight to Cairo arriving at 5pm on Tuesday! I brought my mini laptop (I am so organised) The other one is too heavy to lug around and has my docs that I don't want to loose.

We are both so excited to be heading off. We left the kids will a long itinerary of activities, so that the time will fly for them! I will keep you updated on what goes on in Egypt.

I especially want to see what food we are going to eat. It is so funny how it differs in every country. The worst I have heard is that the Australians like beetroot and put it on everything, even burgers! James says it looks like its bleeding. We have eaten strange things in every country so don't know what to expect! I always think you should try new things...

For all those going on holiday, travel safe and have a good break!

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Wiana said...

TRAVEL SAFE, hamba kakuhle! See you soon.

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