Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sailing down the nile

We are floating down the Nile. We are stopping at a few temples and sights. We were given a wakeup call at 7am breakfast and then the first tour at 8am. The boat sets sail at 9:30 and so it goes on during the next 2 days. James & I packed a little kit bag with water, sun block etc, expecting to walk. As we stepped out of the boat, the temple was about 250m away. We felt a bit stupid.

There is a party on the boat tonight. We can drink as much as you want and crawl to our room. (these days it is not a very good idea for me, but the thought is good) Although, drinking here is not cheap. About $10 per drink. We were reading this book, the author was asked if he was an alcoholic. He said after years of time, money and effort, he would hope so!!

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