Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sleep in?

I always feel guilty if I sleep in or stay in my room if I am on holiday. Its like it is a waist of money. When we were in Paris, we had spent the whole night out and the next day decided to sleep in and get room service. When we ventured out at 3pm, the manager was disgusted and asked "Why you sleep all day"

Last night was one of those. I didn't feel well at all and decided to rather not move and stay in bed. So this morning I am taking it slowly. We actually came to Alexandria to have a break from the rushing around touring. Our hotel is in walking distance to most of the sites... providing you can cross the street

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Barb said...

There is nothing wrong with sleeping in - you are on vacation, you can do what you want. My guess is that at home you never get a chance to sleep in so enjoy.

By the sounds of all your wonderful adventures, you need to relax. I have so enjoyed reading your blogs and looking at the pictures. Thanks so much.

Like you I am not so sure I could handle the dirt - the older I get the more germophobic I get!

Sorry to hear that you have not been feeling 100%, but hopefully you will be able to relax and regain your strength in beautiful Dubai.
Hope you have a wonderful time and enjoy the rest of your vacation.

Lots of love,

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