Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Some interesting things...

This is going to be our last day touring in Egypt. I can't believe how quickly the time has gone. We have learnt some things the hard way but we have slowly started to smarten up!

The place is very dirty by our standards. The floors, streets, doors, walls, seats are all full of soot. It doesn't seem to bother anyone either. Most of the work force are men. They do everything, housekeeping, maids, cleaners, waitrons etc. (maybe thats why it is not so clean!) Only about 10% seem to be women.

Don't greet or look at anyone if you don't want to pay them money. Its nuts. The traders here are absolutely bullet proof. They will follow you for miles and don't seem to care. If one approaches James now he just raises his hand and says "No" Even that doesn't deter them.

They have every type of vehicle on the road, even horse drawn carriages. We are right on the beach front, on a main road, so the hooters and cars go 24hrs per day. You won't believe that one guy on a cart stopped in the middle of 4 lane traffic, got out of this cart and ran after us asking us if we want to get in!

Yes, we do feel like we are living inside a computer game like Mario Brothers. You are dodging, diving, hiding, avoiding, running, watching --- :)

I wouldn't come here on my own. Get a tour group, they do everything for you. Pick ups, drop offs, tours, tell you where to buy food, carry your luggage. As I said before, their service is great. You will have to tip for everything, but it is worth it.

I have had a great time here despite all the little quirks... d:)

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