Monday, December 15, 2008

Tour Guide

Our guide was very kind to welcome him into his home and have a traditional Egyptian meal. We enjoyed it. We had pigeon! (Well James ate that & I stuck to the lamb) We were put at a table to eat by ourselves and they waited till we were finished. It was a bit strange for us to not sit and talk to our hosts while we ate. I do find that the culture gets very upset if you don't finish your food! I am not a big eater so this is always a challenge. They only eat one meal per day and perhaps a small snack some other time. I tried to explain I can't do the one meal a day thing!!

He has 3 kids, 2 girls and a son in the middle of the two. The houses are very dusty and unfinished on the outside, but the inside is clean and neat. I suppose that it is futile trying to fix the dust! We walked back at 11pm and the streets were still buzzing. He is an archeologist and has worked and traveled to the USA. He says that there is more money being a tour guide than working for the state.

His name is Ahmed Dewy Hassan, he speaks English, Arabic and Italian. If you are interested you can contact him (don't worry I am not getting anything out of this!!)

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Anonymous said...

That's really special! Being in the home of locals gives such a different perspective!
All's fine on the home front.

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