Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Back on track

It was nice to have a break this weekend! I did take my laptop, but forgot my connection so I had to do something else...

Well back to radiation (I am trying to temper my enthusiasm) It really hasn't been too bad. I can feel that my head is starting to get a bit sensitive, especially when they put the mask on. It seems to be too tight and hurts a bit. The ladies tell me its from the swelling. I still have all my hair (I keep rooting that it is going to stay that way)

Chemo is fine, I really don't feel any different to normal. I have always been one who gets tired so that is not really an issue. I found out that the tablets I got prescribed for when I went to Egypt to stop the infamous runs are the SAME tablets they give for anti-nausea!! No joke. The nurse said to me that they should give it to builders, it will keep houses together! ANYWAY, I have not taken any anti-nausea tablets and have felt totally fine. If I feel a bit nausea coming on, I just take another milder tablet.

Blood counts are still within range. My white blood has dropped about 40% but all the others similar to where they started. What is interesting is that something called Eosinophils is VERY HIGH. This is a white blood cell which sometimes overreacts... caused by allergies etc etc... I am investigating this a bit further.

I should have registered to study a doctorate while I am sitting at home surfing the internet! YAY for Google

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