Friday, January 2, 2009

Eat chips

Well, today felt like a Monday. All things back to normal. Shops busy, hospitals buzzing & house work. Radiation went alright today. I just feel that my head gets a bit hot. I wonder how it is affecting me when I lay there. I just keep praying that it is killing the stupid brain tumour. It is nerve racking being in that machine. My heart beats double time. I was reading on another blog - this guy was saying the doctors say he must try live in a stress free environment. HELLO, you keep telling me I have a BRAIN TUMOUR and need to go for chemo & radiation.

I don't want a big gaping gap in my head - I just want to look normal again. I am determined to try carry on as normal as possible and take pride in myself. Pity is not for me.

Chemo has been fine. I have been craving chips (salty junk) like you can't believe. I can't face fruit but been forcing it in every now and then. I swallow a huge heap of vitamins to try compensate. I really have been eating a lot, more than usual, and that is actually making me feel sick and bloated! Might have to taper down somewhat.

Not having any Champagne on New Years was a real bummer. My husband is keeping a close eye. It is like being back at boarding school. Sorry, I have to run back and get some more chips (anyone know of vitamin enriched chips?)

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