Monday, January 26, 2009

Brain catalogue

I have been cooking up a storm. It is truly impressive! That is not at all like me, I think these drugs must be kicking in.

Today is the normal Monday consisting of blood checks and chemo. I don't know what my blood results are yet, I will have to wait till tomorrow to find out. There were a few of my white blood cells that were low last time... so you never know.

Before a patch of my hair falls out, it stands at attention! I have no idea why, I assume it is a last attempt to remain attached. So now a patch on the top of my head is gone. I am enjoying the wig, I don't even know it is on. I keep having to check with James that it doesn't look fake.

Last year I was working on the Load Shedding project for Eskom (don't ask too many questions) I never thought that I would have to embark on my own Hair Load Shedding (DNA distribution centre) project...

I am busy building up a database catalogue of website links. This is to help people with brain tumours wade their way through the internet. I have 2 years searching education behind me and I know what a nightmare it can be. Let me know what you think of the idea and any advice or links you can send me that you found helpful.


Anonymous said...

I was a recipient of that good cooking. Lucky!

So funny about the hair, it's as tho' it stands to attention to announce its departure.
The wig is great. Add pink if you want to draw attention otherwise keep in natural. Up to you.
Catalogue sounds a great idea. Go for it!
Your Very Hot (Humidity is dehydrating) Mom!

Barb said...

Love your idea of the database. That will be so beneficial to others. With all the wealth of knowledge out there it can be overwhelming and intimidating so having a database would really make research so much easier. Definitely a worthwhile challenge you have set for your self. (Thought you were meant to be taking it easy!!!!)

Take care and lots of love.

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