Sunday, January 4, 2009

Brain Name

Someone suggested that I give my tumour a name so that I can launch verbal abuse at it. I actually think that is quite a good idea. Before I knew I had a tumour, I used to say that I had "Brain Fry" whenever I got tired or didn't feel like talking / thinking anymore. With reflection, that was probably not the best idea.

So instead of swearing, I should probably say I am "Tumour Fry-ed" or... You are such a "Tumour Fry" or... It is just so "Tumour Fry-ing" typical. The best will probably be to say...Just "Tumour Fry" off.

This way instead of directing my "common" language at random objects. I could direct them at this "Tumour Fry-ing" tumour. Hopefully it will get the hint, feel less confident and dwindle into obscurity.

PS If you come up with a better name, please let me know


Antony said...

Hi Dierdre, thanks for writing to me! My tumor is known as Gustav.... not sure why! lol. Anyway... I would like to hear more about your experiences... especially the surgery.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of a name. I think the radiation is doing more frying... that's good... I think of the tumour as a 'space invader' with no work permit or visa and was definitely not given permanent residency! Let it know it is an unwanted squatter and that you are out to evict it now...
Love, less weird mom!

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