Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I don't feel so bad

Yes I do have some memory loss (walking around trying to remember what I am doing) BUT I don't feel so bad!


Anonymous said...

Funny, Dee!

Anonymous said...

I have noticed that with certain males in our family... no names, just wave a hand across their faces and see if anything happens!

Sandra Bärthel said...

Hi Deirdré,

today we had a long training sessions about our four new values in the company - it's trust, motivation, empathy and courage...it's about being a role model (let's see what will happen with this vision!). Anyway, what I wanted to say is that in this training today we had to play in a four-people-group and we had to play a game and solve tasks around these values. I know every value is important and then I had to speak about motivation (what motivates me and who motivates me)...then I started talking about you (they already know you previous talks!)...in what kind of situation you are at the moment, what you had to go through already and so on...everybody was just numbed...but then I also started talking about it how much you inspire me and how much you motivate me...I said, you still do so much and you are so full of energy that I am just unable to put it into words what I thik about you and how much I admire you. I told my colleagues that knowing you has made me become a different person. Everybody was just sitting there and listening to me...I guess you have motivated them now as well...once they didn't complain (and this is quite hard for Germans!)

I hope you are doing as well as it's possible for you...have a lovely evening.

Lots of love from us!


Miss you lots!

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