Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Intelligent Brain Tumours

So I had my regular check up yesterday. We spoke about various things - I think that he gets a bit overwhelmed with the number of questions I like to ask. (keeps him on his toes!) He says to me that most people with brain tumours are highly intelligent - he wonders if we have excess active neurons! So in a bizarre kind of way, I could take having a brain tumour as a compliment! Maybe I would prefer to be a little less smart. Funny though, it is in my speech area - is he implying that I have an overactive talking skill.

I know the treatment is affecting my short term memory. I walk around in circles forgetting what I was doing. It reminds me of Leo who keeps asking me the same question in the car "where are we going Mom?" - his brain reboots every 2 minutes. Time to get a notebook / diary... if I remember to use it.

I did have something called a focal seizure in my middle finger of my left hand 2 nights ago. This basically means it twitches from side to side. Very strange, it was like it is swearing at me. I am not sure if I should be concerned or not. It is probably nothing... but I will keep an eye on it.

I am actually going for radiation for 7 weeks. They are going to do a lower dosage over a longer period because this helps the healthy cells.

Have a great day - mid week!! Yay

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