Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Just an ordinary day

Well not much to report ... things were fine, I popped into the office in the morning to catch up on a few things. Then of course, headed onto a coffee shop.

After radiation, I had a consultation with my oncologist (Dr Dupper). He has given me antibiotics because sometimes the chemo causing susceptibility to a lung infection. More tablets - YAY now I can round it off to 14 per day at different intervals.

I am still feeling fine, not really tired - I try nap in the afternoon anyway. I haven't had nausea, but I am on tablets. He gave me a different tablet to take because the one I have causes constipation - you think? Anyway, thanks for waiting a week!

It was actually quite nice to talk to him and just a feeling of 'progress' He said that after the radiation, he will double my chemo tablets but I will only have them for 1 week on and 3 weeks off. - That sounds alright (as alright as it gets)

Mom came with me and got to see how it all worked. Its quite interesting if you are a "newi" She behaved herself and only spoke for me about 4 times! Good Mommy

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Darling!

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