Friday, January 9, 2009

My brain garden

Well we are off for the weekend. I am happy that it I have 2 days break from radiation. I have completed 2 weeks! YAY

Yesterday I was weeding the garden. (I really was) I did get the kids to help. What a lot of work... I have new admiration for manual labour.

While I was weeding, I realised that all gardens no matter how big or small get weeds. It doesn't matter how simple the garden is or the weather conditions. As I was pulling out the weeds that tentacle between the plants, I realised that my "tumour frying" tumour works the same way.

It tentacles through my brain and needs to be pulled out. The bits that we can't remove need to have poison thrown on them. Some of the plants are affected. It has been the same way with surgery, chemo and radiation. I had a new way to view my treatment. I realised that I need to weed this out of my head and know that the benefits outweigh the negatives . What a hard task, especially for the deep rooted bits.

So, we all have to look after our bodies (gardens). I felt that I wasn't a freak. Something has invaded me and it is time to get rid of it. The more we watch our gardens the more manageable the weeds are. It doesn't mean that we won't get them ever, we all do. It does mean that we should keep a good watch on them!

Some "deep" thinking for the weekend!


Barb said...

I like your analogy - definitely something to ponder.

Hope you have a great weekend away.

Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

Beautiful analogy, Dee.
Such revelation through natural activities.

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