Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year Resolutions

I am so sorry but I can't help myself. I attempted the noble one but I realised as I wrote it how unrealistic it is so...

This is the discarded one...
  • Try make school sandwiches instead of finding money so the kids can buy from the tuckshop.
  • Attempt to cook -
  • Don't poke James when he is snoring like a steam train next to me in bed.
  • Don't get irritated when he sleeps in
  • Don't hog the kids playstation or WII
  • Don't sneak eat all the left over chocolate during my 'afternoon nap'
  • Try not to turn the children into personal slaves / porters/ waitrons
  • Exercise
  • Work

I think I will just do what I did last year...

  • Make millions
  • Travel
  • Fight a brain tumour

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