Sunday, January 4, 2009

One Week

Today, I was going to write a dreary blog about how sick I am of having a brain tumour. How horrible it is to know it is there and it is not listening etc etc ...Yes, it is very tiring to know that there is something in your head "cooking" up nonsense. What has been really bothering me is the effect that this chemo is having on me. Every time I swallow the pills, I don't want to think of what they are doing to me. Its such a bizarre (read archaic) form of treatment where you have to try break everything before you can get the one that's causing the problem.

So one week of chemo is over - only another 25 WEEKS to go (I'm trying to temper my enthusiasm) My digestive system has come to a complete stand still. This was discussed with the chemo team as a "post" contraindication. (take it first and we will tell you whatever happens is normal) Why thank you very much. It seems like the medical department are taking a "fry and dry" approach. At least I know now.

The reason for my lack of pessimism in this blog, is due to the numerous other blogs I have been reading. Seeing people manage through much harder things, puts your life in perspective. Some are just funny. Blogging is good for the soul. Mom, I suggest that you blog. It will be easier than the hundreds of 'conversational' emails & sms'. Unfortunately there is already a blog called "My husband calls me WEIRD" (LOL)d:)


Anonymous said...

Blogging may be good for the soul but to have it as a substitute for conversational smses... no, no. Already suffering from lack of ordinary telephone conversations, challenge of developing thumbs instead of fingers and now just to talk into the ... what is it? net..her? Remember the apple... lots of love
Weird WOW

Deirdre Kohler said...

Thanks for your weird comment Mom! For those humans who don't understand - My Mom thinks she is a tree and that she has popped out a lot of apples. We try to explain that there is a human factor but she is convinced I have rolled down a hill - you make the judgement ...d:) LOL

Anonymous said...

Come on, readers out there... explain to this young woman that she is more like her mother than she wants to admit!!! Now that would be painful.

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