Monday, January 5, 2009

Radiation Update - 10cm x 10cm

Well I am into the second week of radiation and chemo. The good news is that my blood count hasn't dropped at all. - Great news. But I am still on half dose while getting radiation.

The bad news. I asked them how big the radiated area would be on my scalp and hair. They are radiating 10cm x 10cm - quite a large area. It is radiated from 3 different angles. From the top of my head, just behind my ear and an area near the back. Plus you loose hair on the exit sites, which is on the opposite side of the head. The ladies doing my radiation suggested that I get a wig, most patients do, including some men.

So its time to look for a funky style...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dee thanks for taking me with you today. Oncology and radiation area very impressive! It is amazing what is happening in medical science... keep your energy and blood count up! Old 'space invader''s time is up.
Lov u

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